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Special thanks to Ivan Brandon for help with the graphic novel


ADINA explores the nature of love and life in ways not possible from a merely human perspective. By creating a new fantastical being – the gamelon – we are speaking to the current generation who have grown weary of the vampire. In a society obsessed with youth, sex and beauty, ADINA taps into our fear of aging and isolation in an increasingly shallow world. By casting some of Britain’s finest young talent (Jaime Winstone, Tom Hughes, James Jagger), we want to reboot British horror with a sexy, intelligent chiller.

Directed by: Frazer Lee

Written by Bernadette Elliott & Michael Lupetin

Similar films: The Hunger, Interview With The Vampire



Tragedy uproots a dysfunctional family into a new home where they must battle ghosts and each other. This is a modern ghost story that takes place in sunny Key West -- proving that the most terrifying things don't stay hidden in the dark.

Written by Bernadette Elliott & Andy Denemark

Similar films: The Others, The Sixth Sense


Artwork by Steven Austin


While Santa rewards good children, Black Peter punishes the wicked ones. He whisks them away to the South Pole to work in his coal mine forever. No one has ever escaped from Black Peter -- until a trio of siblings band together to get their brother back. It's scary in a Wizard of Oz kind of way -- nothing a kid can't handle.

Written by Bernadette Elliott & Andy Denemark

Similar films: The Goonies; The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe



No, we don't have Sandra and George attached, but damn, they're perfect for it!  This is a romantic comedy that focuses on Ken and Kate Stewart, the most popular couple to ever occupy the White House.  After two terms, Ken is preparing to turn over the reins to his vice president and sail around the world with his wife. But a VP scandal rocks the campaign and sends the party into a frenzy looking for a replacement. Kate maneuvers for the job. To her delight, everyone loves the idea – except her husband...

Written by Andy Denemark & Bernadette Elliott

Similar films: Adam's Rib, The American President



A trouble-prone socialite is sent back to Twin Falls, Maryland to serve her community service at the children's shelter where she was raised. Grateful to have escaped a prison sentence, Sophia sets out to right the many wrongs she has committed since she left her hometown. Her first task – repair the damaged relationship with friend and rival Julia – so that they can work together to save the shelter.

Written by Bernadette Elliott & Andy Denemark

Similar films: The Bells of St. Mary's, The Bishop's Wife



Mysterious and sensuous, this is the story of twins who are torn apart then thrown back together under the most extraordinary circumstances. Thomas grows up in the protected world of British society while his twin brother Eric struggles to survive in the impoverished Germany of the 1930s. Despite the fact that neither boy is ever told he is a twin, an inexplicable bond exists between them. When Eric is hurt, Thomas cries out in shared pain. When Thomas’ adoptive mother dies, Eric imagines it is Hannah, their birth mother. And when Thomas meets Lily, she becomes the woman of Eric’s dreams. In the last days of WWII, as British troops enter Germany, cosmic forces push the twins closer together until they come face to face on the battlefield. The shock of meeting his twin sends Eric off the deep end. After nearly killing his brother, he assumes Thomas’ identity and sets out to find Lily...

Starring Matt Kennard, Sam Kennard

Written by Bernadette Elliott & Andy Denemark

Similar films: The English Patient, Atonement



This is the story of Ellie and Trey - a hard-edged love story that chronicles the tempestuous relationship between a younger man and older woman who are using each other.  Trey's star is on the rise – thanks to Ellie – who risks everything to get him to the top.

Written by Bernadette Elliott & Andy Denemark

Similar films: Pal Joey, Love Me or Leave Me